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FREE Aerial photography and remote sensing data

1 Mar

Hey guys,

I hope you had a good weekend. These past days I have been a little bit quiet but is for a good reason. I have been doing a very entertaining research on sources for aerial photography. So, for my friends that do research in the amazing Andalucia, you are probably aware of this site which is from the Spanish government and that allows you to download all the orthorectified aerial series, from the 1956 flight and the 2007 infrared to the colour 2009, some of them at 0.5m resolution!  To tell you the true I’m very impressed with the efficiency of the guys from the Junta de Andalucia as they not only have all the material free and available, but they  also have loads of environmental information online and free as well. All cartography units should follow their schema…

Anyway, I also found this NASA site where you can download some of the Landsat series also for free. Just be aware that it doesn’t work with Chrome :p

Well, see you soon!

Free GIS and Spatial Data Analysis Software

23 Feb

Hey guys,

Just a quick post to tell you about this great software I found recently.

MapWindow seems to have great potential to get layers into a diversity of formats, while GeoDa offers all these facilities:

  • Data Input and Output
    • read and write shape files
    • copy graphs and maps to clipboard
    • save maps and graphs to bitmap file
  • Spatial Data Manipulation
    • create point shape files from text files
    • centroids for polygons
    • Thiessen polygons from points
    • contiguity based spatial weigths for polygons
    • distance based spatial weights for points and polygons
  • Visualization and Queries
    • graphs, maps and table
    • linking and brushing of all maps and graphs, multiway linking of table
    • spatial selection on maps
    • query selection in table
  • Mapping
    • quantile and standard deviational maps
    • outlier maps: box map and percentile map
    • rate mapping and smoothing: excess risk map, Empirical Bayes smoothing, spatial smoothing
    • map movie
  • EDA
    • histogram
    • box plot
    • scatter plot
    • full dynamic linking and brushing
  • Spatial Statistics
    • Moran’s I
    • Moran scatterplot: univariate, bivariate, EB corrected
    • LISA local Moran: univariate, bivariate, EB corrected

    I hope is of some use to you! 🙂

    Recursos de SIG y Geomatica para Latinoamerica (GIS & Geomatics for Latin America)

    21 Feb

    Esta vez les escribo para compartirles un excelente sitio de recursos de Geomatica y SIG Libre que puede ser especialmente util para quienes trabajan en Mexico y otras partes de America. Espero que hayan tenido un buen fin de semana y pronto les platicare sobre cuestiones tecnicas respecto a la combinacion de analisis de visibilidad y movimiento 😀

    How to Batch rename multiple files or folders

    14 Jan


    As you know, to rename lots of files or folders can be a pain so this post is just to share a really nice free software that I found today to rename multiple files or folders. It has been developed by Denis Kozlov and he have also other software that can be of interest to some of you 🙂



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